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"Realsalewa's Corporation" was founded on November 14, 2009. The group includes "Realsalewa's Soft", "Realsalewa's Distribution", "Realsalewa TV", "Realsalewa Recognition", "Realsalewa Archive", etc.
Genres of video games developed by: Quest, Arkade, Pinball, FPS, FPP, TDS, 3D Gallery, Demoscene;
IDE: RGM, AGS, SGC, VRML, FPS Creator, GameGuru, Noobster, Flash, Multimedia Fusion 2 Dev, DX Studio, UDK, Unity3D.
Platforms: Windows, Android, Windows Mobile, SNES, NES, SMD.
Past, Present, Future Projects (download games for free)
2013 year
2012 year
Barkhan TDS

2011 year
Surviver Arkade
Interkraft-Sonic (levels)
Interkraft-Simsala Grimm (levels)
Gate away 2
The City Adventure
Episode from Catacomb [SMD]
R`n`B Quest
Rabbit Run (mini mod-hack)
Legacy of Pliskin 3 (translation rus v1.3)
Obstacle course (Crysis 2 SP Map)
Super Mario Kart - MetaKarting [SNES]
Boulder Dash - Albinarla Mod [NES]
Pocket Quest
A.L.E.-2 (levels)
Pocket-Impuls [Windows Mobile 5/6]
Rupt Quest
Barkhan TDS

2010 year
Alterville Logic Environment (2010) / A.L.E.-1

Alterville Logic Environment (2010) / A.L.E.-1
History of games  (3D Gallery)
Savage world. (Demoscene)
Moments cat's life (Gallery)
Moments cat's life 2 
Daily Safety (Gallery)
Resources for construction set of games - Noobster

2009 year
Robo-quest 2009

Robo Quest 2009
DISCO FLOW (Demoscene)
Time-Paradox 2009
Revolutionary Quest 2009
Yuisoft 3D Pinball
Egypt FPS
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